About Us

Established in 2014, Old Montgomery Masonry, LLC is recognized as one of the fastest growing masonry companies in the greater Houston area. Despite being a relatively young company, OMM brings decades of commercial masonry experience to the table through its owners. OMM prides itself on being a family owned and managed business with a focus on providing the highest levels of craftsmanship, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Old Montgomery Masonry specializes in all types of commercial masonry installation including but not limited to: multiple types of brick, block, custom block, natural stone, architectural cast stone, glass block, and many other masonry materials. 

We've made a niche in the Houston area as an ongoing contractor for multiple Independent School Districts, but our owners and employees have years of experience building many types of commercial masonry projects including stadiums, fire stations, retail training facilities, industrial buildings, public works, and public and private schools for kindergarten through higher education.

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